Aktiviteter och evenemang

Marski ligger mitt i händelsernas centrum! Vi anordnar aktiviteter utan extra kostnad för våra hotellgäster. Dessutom kan du ta del av evenemang som är öppna för alla och en fotoutställning som byts regelbundet på Marski.

Evenemangen äger rum på Marski Bar om inget annat anges.


In addition to our gym and lovely sauna, we offer the following activities when you stay at Marski.

  • Tuesday 17.00 – MEET THE MANAGEMENT
    Someone from our management team will answer your questions and talk more about Marski. Duration 60 min.
  • Wednesday 18:00 – LIGHT JOGGING IN HELSINKI
    Let’s shake off our worries together as we move towards the evening. Finishes with stretching. Duration 45 min.
  • Thursday 18:30 – DELVING INTO ART
    A guided tour of Amos Rex’s Generation 2020 exhibition. Duration 45 min.
  • Saturday 10:00 – SAUNA YOGA
    The best way to start the weekend. A relaxing workout suitable for all under the guidance of a trained instructor in a 40°C sauna. Duration 30 min.
    Come and discuss the city of Helsinki or our hotel. Duration 60 min.
  • Sunday 19.30 – DIY MARSKI BAR'S COCKTAIL
    Prepare and enjoy one of Marski bar's popular cocktails with the help of our team.

Bookings and more information from concierge or reception.

Hotel guests only. All events free of charge. Subject to availability. We reserve the right to make changes.